Welcome to the Cameroonian-Canadian Foundation (CCF)

Welcome to the Cameroonian-Canadian Foundation (CCF)

The Cameroonian-Canadian Foundation (CCF) / la Fondation Camerounaise-Canadienne (FCC) is a public  Canadian Registered Charitable Organization (Charity Registration Number: 830620084  RR0001) under the law of the Federal Government of Canada.

Our Foundation is engaged on activities that aim to improve lives of people in Canada and in Cameroon. We focus on relieving poverty, advancing education, healthcare, clean water, agriculture, forestry and horticulture.

Feuerholz sammeln - Kinderarbeit in Afrika (Cameroonian-Canadian Foundation)We are set to help the poor, low income families, immigrants and non-immigrants, students, youth, orphans, children, widows, grandparents, women, men, homeless, people with illness and disabilities, and poor communities in rural and urban areas.

We are profoundly grateful to all of you who are making this Foundation a great success. Your contributions, volunteering works, donations, advices, network, assistance have helped to make a positive difference in the life of many individuals, families and communities. As we continue to stand by all those in need, we look forward to continue working with you in improving people’s lives and communities in Canada, Cameroon and in Africa.

Free Medical Clinic Campaign 2019-2020

CCF is looking to provide  free medical services to poorest communities in different Cameroonian rural areas and cities  through our local and high qualified Doctors, medical personnel, hospitals and clinic partners for  the next two years  2019-2020. 

CCF Free Clinic Campaign Facts

Free of cost medical services includes doctor consultations, medicine and diagnostic tests, drug prescriptions, counseling, referral services and patient follow-up. We are targeting 400 – 700 patients / month and 8,400 – 14,700 over 24 months.

What your donation will do:

$900 Provides monthly running consultation cost of clinics serving 400 – 700 persons per month.

$2 for medical care consultation and for 1 person.


Join us in our fight to help those in need. Please donate!


The Baka School Project in the Dja

The project objective is to rebuild an existing public and unique school  for the Baka communities in the neighbouring village in the boucle of the Dja Faunal Reserve called Schwam, in southeastern Cameroon.

The Baka School Project in the Dja

The current Baka school  has only one mud  classroom  with a tin roof for all students. It is used for all classes with other children from surrounding villages such as Ekom, Kagnol, Kolekul, Maleuleu, Malen V et Nken.

The Baka School Project

The Baka people also known as Pygmies are indigenous communities living in several reserves in central Africa. They are among the poorest, vulnerable and fragile communities in the world.

The nearest school is in  Somalomo, about 12-15 km away. The main difficulty is the Dja river crossing as there is no bridge and the current ferry is not working. The Dja river is encircling the reserve (except to the south-west) with rapids and waterfalls. People including youth attending the school in Samalomo are crossing the Dja River using indigenous and local narrow wood boats. Even the Baka chief in the village of Schuam who first reach out for the proposed school to the Foundation through our contact at the Congo Basin Institute (CBI) in Somalomo died tragically with his wife few weeks ago in the Dja River. The couple when for fishing using their small wood boat and lost their lives.

The Baka School Project

Building the proposed school will improve the Baka Communities livelihoods and human rights. It will also contribute to the protection of the wildlife and environment.

We appreciate your generous contribution to this project and for the Baka children and communities.

Link to our GoFundMe campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/the-baka-school-project-in-the-dja


The Cameroonian-Canadian Foundation