Solar Panels

Help reduce poverty….

It is a reality that many families and individuals in most rural sub-Saharan African communities have no access to electricity. The same reality seems to be also very challenging in some urban cities as well where the electricity is frequently cut off, living people, businesses, institutions, hospitals and schools without energy power for hours or days. Accessing to electricity would help improve health and education while decreasing poverty in rural or suburban communities.

Solar panel for green and renewable energy

Help Fund a solar Project…

Our goal with the proposed initiative is to help families, individuals, health facilities and schools in rural communities of Cameroon, access energy power trough solar panel systems. The cost of electrical power is too high and must families can’t afford it. Just for example, we are in the process of helping to build an orphanage system in Limbe and the connection fees  for the electrical power line is more than $6000.

  1. Through your support you can give hope to those who have never dream to have electricity in their lives.
  2. Our foundation is committed to show to all of you, the impact of your donations.
  3. We monitor all our projects making sure that your donations have a long-term impact and sustainability.

Together, we can make a huge difference on people’s lives. You can be part of the story by  providing  financial support, solar systems,  and/or  by   installing .

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