Bilingual Community Learning Center

Despite numerous efforts towards improving on education and livelihood conditions, there are still an increasing number of low income, immigrant, and Canadian families coping and struggling in Calgary with children who need additional education support.

With the additional factor of an increasing population, it is even more important for communities and families in Calgary experiencing poverty or other living conditions to not have their life situations be the main barriers that will put our children at risk for academic failure.

Multi ethnic classroom. Afro american, asian and caucasian prima

Being able to identify and understand children who are at risk is critical, but being able to
support them daily could be a cornerstone in their growth and development. Our main objective is to make sure that families’ level of poverty or living conditions are not the primary handicap for child education and development opportunities in Calgary.

Our project goal is to establish a learning centre that will offer various educational support programs and activities in both languages (English and in French) to youth and to interested people.

How to partner with the Foundation on these projects?

You can contact us for more information, partnerships and help with the financial assistance that will enable us to establish the proposed Bilingual Community Center.

Some assistance could be in-kind once the project is completed (educational materials, books, furniture, equipment, etc…).