Free Medical Clinic Campaign 2019-2020

CCF is looking to provide  free medical services to poorest communities in different Cameroonian rural areas and cities  through our local and high qualified Doctors, medical personnel, hospitals and clinic partners for  the next two years  2019-2020. 

CCF Free Clinic Campaign Facts

Free of cost medical services includes doctor consultations, medicine and diagnostic tests, drug prescriptions, counseling, referral services and patient follow-up. We are targeting 400 – 700 patients / month and 8,400 – 14,700 over 24 months.

What your donation will do:

$900 Provides monthly running consultation cost of clinics serving 400 – 700 persons per month.

$2 for medical care consultation and for 1 person.


Join us in our fight to help those in need. Please donate!