Donations – Money

The Cameroonian-Canadian Foundation is a Canadian public charitable organization and we  provide tax receipts according to Revenue Canada rules.  Your donation can help support a specific project of your choice. Below are just few examples of what impact your donation could have.

$10-$25 Donation

  • can buy educational items (school bag, pens, pencils, book)  to one kid
  • can provide a mosquito net to an orphan and help protect against malaria

$50-$100 Donation

  • could help provide daily meal to a family of three in a rural area for one month.
  • could be used to provide a full day course training  to youth in Canada or in Cameroon.
  • could help support  youth  self-generating income activity in Cameroon or in Africa.
  • could help  two pregnant women or individuals from poor families to visit a clinic centre in a rural area in Cameroon or in Africa.

 $100-$250 Donation

  • could be used to  provide food to more 20 kids in an orphanage  for one month
  •  could  be used to send one or two children to school for one  year
  •  could be used to provide relevant school materials in Canada or in Cameroon such as school backpacks.

$500-$2500 Donation

  • could be used to support  some of our projects  in Canada or in Cameroon
  • support low income families in Canada
  • could help support youth with disability in a specific program in Canada, Cameroon and /or in Africa.
  • Can be used to support orphan, families and individuals with  HIV/AIDS or other diseases.
  • can be invested in a self-generating income project activity for low incomes youth, families and community in Cameroon and in Africa.
  • can help to provide or renovate a water pump for clean  drinkable water to people and community in a rural area.

$3500-$5000 Donation

  • can help  provide medical supplies and other  material to health care center in rural area
  • can help renovate a school, a health care center or an orphanage
  • can help provide food to 100 kids in an orphanage  for 5 months to one year.
  • can be invested in a suitable agricultural or aquacultural project that can provide sustainability in a rural area.
  • can help paid one session tuition fees to one university student’s in Canada
  • can help paid a foul year tuition fees to 30-45 university’ students in Cameroon and/or in Africa.
  • can help support any project of your choice in Canada and /or  in Cameroon.

You can make monetary donation to support our programs in either of two ways:

1. Through

Type the name of the Foundation at and follow the instructions. The system will send you a tax receipt automatically once the donation is completed.

2. Mail a Cheque addressed to: 

Cameroonian-Canadian Foundation
PO Box 38064 Country Hills
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T3K 5G9

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