Fundraising for Wheelchairs Transportation

Being a disabled person is a harsh reality to experience. Unfortunately, they are millions of people in developing countries that have never experienced freedom of mobility in their entire life.

We have received a 500 wheelchairs donation to help those living with disabilities. A first container with 250 wheelchairs has been sent to Cameroon, Africa and we are looking to raise $7K to send the remaining 250 wheelchairs as well to those in need.

Wheelchairs Transportation

We are a public Foundation and Canadian Charitable organization with focus on relieving poverty, advancing education, healthcare, clean water, agriculture, forestry and horticulture. We are operating in Canada and in Cameroon, Africa. We are set to help the poor, low income families, immigrants and non-immigrants, students, youth, orphans, children, widows, grandparents, women, men, homeless, people with illness and disabilities, and poor communities in rural and urban areas.

So we are asking for your help. Please join us in order to help make a difference on people’s lives. We are so grateful and thank you so much everyone!

Join us in our fight to help those in need. Please donate!