Our Projects

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CCF members helping flood victims at High River, Calgary, Canada in 2013

Our Past Project Activities

University Scholarships Helping Children (Christmas Children Dream Pack) Helping youth (Foundation Educational Day) Helping the Community (High River Flood, 2013) High River Backpack Donation Project (2013) Helping Families (School Backpacks) Fundraising Events      

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Clean water, Forestry, Agriculture, Aquaculture and Horticulture Agriculture remains the main source of growth in Cameroon and in Africa despite the fact that its productivity has dramatically declined.

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African boy and girl playing on laptop.

New Technologies for the Poor

Our goal is to provide to the poor, some new, low cost, affordable and minimal maintenance technologies that can make a significant difference in their lives. Computers Solar Panels

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Clean Water

The main goal is to provide safe drinking water in rural and suburban areas on Cameroon. Water wells Water Supply and Filtration

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In collaboration with the Etisah Foundation, our  goal  is to help complete the building of the Save the Children Alliance Orphanage in order to create a new home for vulnerable children in Limbe, Cameroon.

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We aim to improve healthcare by helping to promote healthy lifestyles, provide high quality collaborative care and services to various communities in Cameroon as well as support various families and communities dealing with difficult diseases, such as HIV/AIDS.

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Our goal is to advance education by building, helping to build, and operate schools. In these schools we will be establishing learning and training centers, resource libraries, providing books, equipment, educational materials and aids to schools, colleges, universities and underprivileged communities in Canada and in Cameroon.

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Relieving Poverty

Annually, we will provide a limited number of backpacks in order to provide basic amenities, including food, clothing, school bags, books, exercise books, pens and pencils etc. to low income Canadian families living in Canada  and in Cameroon

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