About Us

Foundation Background

The Cameroonian-Canadian Foundation (CCF) / la Fondation Camerounaise-Canadienne (FCC) is a public  Canadian Registered Charitable Organization (Charity Registration Number: 830620084 RR0001) under the law of the Federal Government of Canada. Our Foundation is engaged in activities that aim to improve lives of people, in Canada and in Cameroon, by focusing on relieving poverty, advancing education, providing healthcare, clean water, agriculture, forestry, and horticulture. We are determined to help the poor, low income families, immigrants and non-immigrants as well as students, youth, orphans, children, widows, grandparents, women, men, homeless persons, people with illness and disabilities, and poor communities in both rural and urban areas.

Our goal is to continue to stand by all those in need, to help make a positive difference and improve the lives of many individuals, families and communities in Canada, Cameroon and in Africa. We seek to achieve this through various contributions, such as volunteering services, donations, scholarships, fundraising, projects, learning and health care centres, schools, advising service, networking, and providing additional assistance of any kind.