Building two Healthcare Centres

The Cameroonian-Canadian Foundation is looking for partnership with various organizations, local authorities, communities and individuals, to build two healthcare centres in Eastern and Extreme Northern Cameroon. The proposed centres will help reduce mortality rate and improve healthcare within the communities. The first clinic will be in Lomié and the second in Gazawa.

The city of Lomié is located at 310 km from Bertoua in south-Eastern Cameroon and one of the poorest districts in the country. In 2007, it had only 2 medical doctors for every 15,000 people and 60 teachers in primary and secondary education. Although this district is near to an important cobalt and zinc exploitation area as well as close to the Dja Faunal Reserve which is Cameroon’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site, the village has only a single access road similar to a little forest trail. This road is difficult to access during the raining season and connects Lomié to Abong-Mbang or to Yokadouma. Lomié is also a region known with a sleeping disease or sickness called trypanosomiasis and the proposed clinic will also serve 15 villages and more than 10,000 community members. With the two healthcare centres, we are hoping to serve to help 25,000 poorest people regardless of their financial abilities to pay as all consultations will be free and supported by the Foundation. We are estimating that we need approximately $250,000 to build the proposed two healthcare centres.

Gazawa is a little town with less than 10,000 people located approximately 110 km from the main city of Maroua in the province of Extreme Nord, Cameroon. Gazawa is surrounded by  many small cities and villages and the nearest hospital is in Yagoua approximately 80km away. During the raining seasons, the road conditions are critically challenging.

How to partner with the Foundation on these projects?

You can contact us for a partnership and help with the financial assistance that will enable us to undertake the proposed construction work. Some assistance could be in-kind once the projects are completed (healthcare materials and equipments, etc…).