Building an Orphanage

Help build The Save the Children Alliance Orphanage in Limbe, Cameroon.


In collaboration with the Etisah Foundation, our  goal  is to help complete the building of the Save the Children Alliance Orphanage in order to create a new home for vulnerable children in Limbe, Cameroon. This new building will be a major home for more 100-250 orphans and will also be used as an educational centre to help train local youth on several educational activities with focus on agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and horticulture.

Orphanage – The main issue and challenge

The main issue is the need of a new home for vulnerable youth and orphans. The Save the Children Orphanage is currently hosting 50 children in which many have lost their relatives through illnesses and diseases such as the HIV/AIDS. Some children also have simply been abandoned by their parents because of the extreme poverty and not being able to support or raising them. The current orphanage is overcrowded and there no space to afford more. In order to complete the new facility at list $60,000 to $80,000 are needed and we also received a list of necessities costing around $26,028.20. Two of members have visited The Save the Children Orphanage in 2014 and have reviewed the overall situation, and we are firmly convince that that actions are needed to help build the proposed new orphanage and provide a better live all current and future orphans.

Save_the Children_Orphanage list of necessities

 How you could help 

  • Your monetary  donation can complete the orphanage building
  • It may also help to support a specific child
  • You can also partner with us

Please contact us for more information.