We are seeking to develop partnerships with various organizations, including Federal and Provincial governments, hospitals, Universities, Schools, Foundations, Companies, Associations, Communities, Cities, Non-Profits Organizations,  individuals, etc…  to support our goals and projects. Through the year, the Foundation organizes several campaign and fundraising events giving opportunities to it partners talk about their services.

Increasing your  Visibility and Social Responsibility in the community

Helping the poor or those in need through the Foundation, could help increase organization’s visibility as well as it social responsibility in the community. Some organizations may also seek strategic partnerships in line with their interests, or may seek to sponsor or fund one or more projects in a particular community, village, city and country where they may or not have their ongoing corporate activities. If that is your case, we are grateful and open to discuss with you on your particular initiatives, propositions and needs.

Partners benefits:

  • Tax receipts
  • Detail Reports on funded activities  and Annual Report
  • Exposure and publicity during our events and campaigns
  • Non voting membership
  • Strategic partnership
  • Partner’s visibility in the community
  • Social Responsibility
  • Etc…

For more details on a partnership with the Cameroonian-Canadian Foundation, please contact us.

Our Sponsors and Partners: