Black Canadian Centre of Excellence for Advanced Learning, Development, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The project goal is to establish a Black Canadian Centre of Excellence for Advanced Learning, Development, Entrepreneurship and Innovation to empower, strengthen Black Canadian communities, existing and new entrepreneurs, their children and families and to help shape their future in a better way.

African boy and girl playing on laptop.

The proposed Centre of Excellence will be a global Canadian and national initiative and will have the capacity to offer entrepreneurial education and training, workshops and professional development in both languages (English and French) to adults, youth and individuals across Canada. All online activities of the Black Canadian Centre of Excellence will be accessible across Canada. All in person activities once, COVID-19 will be in control will start in three major cities Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto, and will quickly be accessible across Canada as well. All classes, workshops, seminars and event are free and no cost to the participants and their families. The Centre will covers a wide range of entrepreneurial activities and subjects:

  1. Providing technical and business advisory services and mentorship to existing and new entrepreneurs.
  2. Helping the Development of Future Entrepreneurs: Education in Innovation, entrepreneurship, economics, finance, communication, laws, marketing and leadership (training,mentoring, workshops, seminars and symposiums for adults, youth and individuals).
  3. Helping with specific mentorship and go-to-market programs.
  4. Helping with business and marketing plans, pitch decks development for capital access.
  5. Helping to build network connections with various organizations including government agencies, investors, research organizations, national and international businesses, etc.
  6. Promotion and training on advanced ICT technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT (Internet of Things), Blockchain, Cyber security, Big Data Analytics and Security, Edge Computing, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Precision farming, Advanced Robotic and Manufacturing, etc,(training, mentoring, workshops, seminars and symposiums for young people and individuals).
  7. Promotion for The Black Canadian Doctors and nurses of tomorrow: Education, seminars, symposiums, debates, orientation, supervision and mentoring, youth and adults in health, nursing and medicine.